... The Sunday stamps of Bulgaria ...

The Sunday stamps of Bulgaria were used to collect funds for recreation homes for employees of the post, telephone and telegraph (PTT) services. These stamps were used on mail posted on Sundays, Holidays and at night(!) between 21:00 and 06:00, as the large cities did have post offices open in these periods. These stamps were sometimes also used for other purposes like postal storage (during weekends and Holidays) and occasionally on regular mail. The Sunday stamps were in use from 1925 to 1950.

This letter is mailed on Sunday 28 February 1926 (28.II.926). Postage is paid with 2 L for a regular letter +1 L Sunday surtax.

The rates for the Sunday surtax were as follows:

This is a postcard showing the "Fund Sanatorium", one of the recreation homes for the PTT employees funded by the Sunday stamps.

(Scan by N. Penev)

Here are some more samples of the use of these stamps. If you want to verify that these (or your own) letters and postcards were indeed posted on a Sunday, please go to my Weekday Calculator. (... but remember that these stamps were used also on other holidays!)

This letter was mailed from Jablanitza to Sofia 6 January 1929. The Sunday stamp is Mi 5.

Note that the regular postage on the letter is 1 L too little. Maybe the clerk though the 1 L Sunday stamp should replace 1 L of the regular postage?

(Scan by N. Penev)

Postcard from Varna to Schumen, posted 6 January 1929. This time the postage is correct. The Sunday stamp is Mi 8.

(Scan by N. Penev)

This postcard was send 2 May 1926 from Plovdiv to Sofia.

(Scan by N. Penev)

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