... Bulgarian forgeries ...

Mi 107 / Sc 113
Surcharged for Balkan post cards



The Balkan postcards were issued for the Red Cross during World War 1. The cards have 6 different motives from cities in Bulgaria and the Bulgarian occpation areas, and pictures of famous officers or politicians on the back. The postage on these card is paid with the 3 St special surcharge and an additional 2 St with either 2 X #79 or #101. The 3 St surcharge stamp was reprinted with 110,000 issues. Of these, 100,000 were given to the head of the German sanitary commission (the Red Cross).

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Forged surcharges of Mi 107 often have pronounced colour deviations. The most characteristic criteria for ORIGINAL surcharges are the following:

  1. Deep cut at the back of the number
  2. Long middle line
  3. Standing bullet end
  4. Nearly closed "C"
  5. Slim "O"
  6. Long endlines on head of "T"
  7. Connected footlines of "H"
  8. Curved end of "K"

- Billig's grosses Handbuch der Faelschungen, Part 34, Vienna, 1937