What is the connection between Bulgaria and the Norwegian viking king Harald Hardrada?

900 years anniversary of the Battle of Stiklestad 1030
Norway 1930

As a reaction to increasing taxes and constantly worsening social conditions, Petur Delyan led a revolt against the Byzantine rule in 1040. With his army he took Skopje, and soon dominated Thrace, Epirus and Macedonia. In 1041, however, Delyan was betrayed by his allies, blinded and captured by Byzantine troops amongst whose ranks were mercenary troops under the command of Harald Hardrada, later King of Norway and founder of the city of Oslo.

Harald 3 Hardrada (1015-66) fought as 15 year old in the famous battle of Stiklestad in 1030, where his half brother Olav Haraldsson got killed. He then fled through Russia to Constantinople, where he entered the service of the Byzantine emperor in 1034. For several years he fought for the emperor in Bulgaria and on Sicily. On his way back through Russia he married Ellisiv, daughter of grand duke Jaroslav of Kiev. In 1045 he returned to Norway and was acknowledged as regent together with Olav's son Magnus The Good. When Magnus died in 1047, Harald became king alone.

Harald 3 Hardrada fell in the battle of Stamford Brigde in England September 25, 1066.

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