- Bulgarian propaganda cancels -

Welcome to my new gallery of Bulgarian propaganda cancels! Propaganda cancels are one of my collecting interests within the 'History on Stamps' concept, but so far I have too few items to be able to give any estimation about time of use or any categorization or listing of the cancels. At present, I only show items I have in my collection, sorted by cancellation date, hoping to gain more knowlegde over time...

As usual, contributions are most welcome!

#1 - 1942:

'Visit the Anti-Communist exhibition, Sofia'
Machine cancel from Sofia Gare 26.10.1942 and from ... 13.10.1942

#2 - 1945:

'Voting for the listing of the Fatherland Front you vote against the bloody facism'
Machine cancel from Sofia 19.08.1945

#3 - 1945:

'Free citizens of a free country, vote for the Fatherland Front'
Machine cancel from Sofia 20.08.1945

#4 - 1945:

'Your vote for the Fatherland Front is a bullet against capitalism'
Machine cancel from Sofia 20.08.1945
Franked with provisional overprint 'Everything for the Front'

#5 - 1945:

'The platform of the Fatherland Front will be realized only if we vote for the best Bulgarian sons'
/ 'Vote for the lists of the Fatherland Front'

Machine cancel from the post office at Sofia Gare 10.10.45

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