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Mi 41-45



Thanks to Simon Kelly, USA, I am now able to show a partially perforated complete sheet of these forgeries, expertized by Eo Vaher!

Simson-Kull lithographed these issues in blocks of 8 clearly distinguishable plate types, as shown in the illustration to the left [1]. Most of the forgeries on the market today are of these 8 basic types. Note that the positions IIa and IIb are inverted compared to the other pairs!

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The scan below shows that Simson-Kull printed these issues in sheets of 4x8. By closer inspection of the plate types, we find that the sheet must have been turned 90% sideways for each printing of the 8 basic types. This process is shown below, where the different positions of Type IIb is coloured just for illustration. We do not know, however, why this particular sheet is partly perforated...

Scan by S. Kelly, USA


1. P. G. Gleason: Estonian Airmail Forgeries, Eesti Filatelist No. 18-19, 1976