... Stamp Album for Bulgaria ...
1879 - 1946

Here are some samples of my album pages:

If you think this looks interesting, you can download the complete album below. Please note that the sample pages are scanneded with stamps added. The album is not designed as a pre-print album.

It is rather easy to make your own PC stamp album with generic graphic tools (I use MS PowerPoint). You don't need expensive or advanced tools. Basically, the task is to draw and align rectangles of different sizes.... The main job is to choose layout and then fitting rectangles for each stamp. Based on your personal taste and preferences you can design your pages exactly as you want. This makes the album a very personal product. Only your imagination will limit the layout of the album....

The album pages can be printed on normal paper, but I prefer specialized grayish A4-sized heavy paper from Lighthouse (140 g/m2). This is expensive and requires a bigger printer, but the result is so much better..... When the pages are printed, I use black Hawid mounting strips to avoid hinging the stamps.

- Download stamp album -

Here you can download free stamp album for Bulgaria with areas in .pdf format. You may copy and use the album as you wish, but any commercial use of the album is strictly prohibited. Note that the album is based on the Michel catalog numbering system. A catalog conversion table for Scott and AFA users can be downloaded with the album pages. Please report any errors you might find in the table!

To enable printing on US letter format paper, I have made a special version with a small adjustment of the bottom of the page frame. The design of the album itself is identical with the original files.

Sometimes problems occur between Acrobat Reader and Internet Explorer. If the file appears to be "empty" after download, you can try to download the file to your own computer by right-clicking on the file icon and choosing "Save target as...", then try to open the file from your local disk. Remember to turn off any "Fit to page" settings in Acrobat before printing the pages!

A4 format
US letter

- Bulgaria-blank
- Blank album page for mounting of covers, postal staionary, sheets etc. (11 kB)

- Bulgaria01
- Regular issues and history 1879-1928 (30 pages - 719 kB)

- Bulgaria02
- Regular issues and history 1929-1946 (56 pages - 1 176 kB)

- Catalog conversion table

- Postage dues, Officials etc (15 pages - 192 kB)

- Thrace
- Only inter-allied occupation 1920-21 (4 pages - 62 kB)

- Eastern Roumelia
- Autonomous administration 1881-84, Bulgarian occupation 1885 (5 pages - 44 kB)

- Translation help wanted -

If you enjoyed what you found here and would like to use this album yourself, I have an offer to make: If you want to translate the album to your own native language - French, German, Spanish, Bulgarian, Chinese or whatever, I will give you the complete editable PowerPoint files. My only condition is that you give me back a copy of the translated album to put on this web site! Interested? - Send me an email!

A Bulgarian version is found here ->
A Norwegian version is found here ->
A Portugese (Brazilian) version is found here ->
A Spanish version is found here ->