... Serbian forgeries ...

- Now including Fournier forgeries -
(courtesy of B. Claghorn's Fournier Album)

There are more forgeries of Serbian stamps on the market than I thought when I first started looking for them. While you will be able to identify a forgery from the characteristics given in this gallery, it may often be a bigger problem to decide which stamps are truly genuine... Be careful, especially with the more expensive issues!

It is worth noting that all the early Serbian issues were typographed, while (almost) all the forgeries are lithographed [1]. A trained eye might thus spot a forgery by the printing technique alone, but others will have to look for design errors to tell the difference... The perforation, on the other hand, is mostly simple Line Perforation, which is not difficult to fake. Only from the later King Peter issues was Comb Perforation introduced. Furthermore, most of these forgeries were made from one single cliche where only the denomination was changed. The same "errors" can thus be found on all forgeries of a given set.

More samples and pages will be uploaded as time allows!!

Mi #1-3
Prince Michael III

Mi #19-20
Prince Milan IV
Mi #53-61
King Alexander

Mi #76-80
100 years anniversary of the Kara-George dynasty

Mi #81-83
100 years anniversary of the anti-Turkish uprising in Orashatz

Mi #84-94
King Peter I

Mi #95-106
King Peter I

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  2. Fournier's 1914 Price-list of Philatelic Forgeries, Introduced by L. Ragatz, 1958