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Welcome to my History on Stamps web site! This site is under gradual development, and I will continue to expand the site with new material and new countries as time allows... Unfortunately, I have not been able to make updates to the site the last couple of years, but I do hope for more spare time to continue working on this web site and the albums in the future.

There are three basic types of material to be found here: History illustrated by stamps, one or more philatelic themes (forgeries, perfins etc), as well as my own stamp album pages with historic information.

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Please note that the theme of this web site is 'History ON Stamps' and not 'History OF Stamps'...

Latest updates

See my latest 80-page Open Class exhibit:
"Bulgaria 1878-1946: National liberation and human tragedies"

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... about History on Stamps ...

My main collecting interest is Eastern Europe before 1945. The countries currently in my focus are Bulgaria, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Croatia, Romania and Serbia. I primarily collect STAMPS, but I'm also interested in letters, postcards etc which can be related to historic events. On this web site I try to combine stamp collecting with the history of each country by identifying persons and events pictured on the stamps.

To obtain this combination in my collection, I make my own PC stamp albums. At present, only Bulgaria has an album available for downloading for the whole period of interest 1879-1946, while only part one of my Romanian album (1856-1907) is presently available. If you share my interest in stamps and history, I have made the albums downloadable in .pdf format for free. Unfortunately, making these albums is slow work, and I have to admit it has had very little progress the last year...

Furthermore, you will also find a growing section of forgery identification pages on this site. It doesn't quite relate to history, but identifying "classic" forgeries from the beginning of the last century facinates me... Maybe it will facinate you as well, so please take a look!

I would like to thank all of those who share information and pictures for this web site!

I am a member of the Norwegian Philatelic Society.